Veteran Owned and Operated.


(Boss Man)

Herb brings almost 30 years of military and law enforcement experience to our team. Starting in 1981, Herb spent seven years in the United States Air Force as a K-9 Handler Working Attack-Narcotics-Explosive Dogs.  It was there he was first introduced to the AR platform the G.A.U (Ground Assault Unit) now known as a M4.  Since then, Herb has spent fourteen years in the Platte County Sheriffs Department. As Pointman and then TeamLeader of the SRT team (SWAT), Herb has years of firsthand experience operating the very weapons he now builds. Following his days with the sheriff's department, Herb became a United States Federal Air Marshal.  As part of the anti-terrorist task force, he spent several years protecting our nation. In 2014, he started Mission Ready Gunworks, putting his considerable expertise to good use. 

Herb Sr.

(The Troll)

No one really knows how old the Troll is...or even where he came from. We've heard stories about the Marine corps attempting to tame him in the late fifties and sixties, their attempts only made him more angry. He now spends his days in the dark and damp corners of our shop, mumbling about buffer springs. If you happen to catch him out and about, under no circumstances should you make direct eye contact with him. Though if you find yourself eye-to-eye with the Troll, be prepared with an offering of green Jell-O and bananas. We're not kidding.  He has 50 plus years of experience as a gunsmith.

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